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learn the seven secrets to creating engaging content and growing your audience authentically on Instagram starting today

Ever post a photo on instagram only to have it sit there quietly and forlorn without much engagement? 

You are not alone. 

See, there are secrets to Instagram. 

And those who don't know the secrets don’t even notice the subtle differences that make or break every instagram acccount.

After years of trial and error, Myquillyn Smith was desperate to figure out what made some instagram posts work while others were ignored.

She watched, learned, took nerdy notes and grew her Instagram community to 63K strong.

She found there are seven strategies to the kinds of posts that engage your followers, attract new, targeted fans, and help you spread your unique message.

These strategies make the difference between posts that get 3 or 4 likes and posts that get true engagement from your target audience--we’re talking likes, shares, comments and attracting new, ideal followers.

Myquillyn has spent the last 18 months growing her Instagram feed by using these secrets.

Her Instagram posts have huge reach and great impact.

But even better, she now knows exactly what to post and what not to post.

Imagine knowing exactly what to post on your Instagram feed to engage your audience, grow your business, strenghten your platform and to expand your authentic influence with your ideal community!

Now you can have that clarity too.


The InstaValuable Online Video Course

Learn and apply the seven keys to a perfect Instagram post. 

Here's a look inside the course!

Finally, tap into the power of Instagram. 

Here’s what you will learn...

  • The Biggest mistake most instagrammers make
  • The only 2 reasons anyone will follow you on instagram
  • A formula for creating your own IG purpose statement
  • Why you have to have 2 purposes for your instagram account & how to define them
  • What to post & what not to post
  • How to get strangers to follow you on instagram
  • 3 steps to great photos
  • How to take a great photo in horrible lighting
  • The 5 & only 5 ways to add value to your feed
  • The ultimate goal of your instagram account
  • How to create ads for Instagram
  • How to build Know Like & Trust so you can ultimately make the sale, share your message
  • How to get better engagement on your photos 

InstaValuable is an online course designed for you, to help you get the most value from Instagram. 

What others say about InstaValuable...

"Thanks to InstaValuable and Myquillyn's tips, I am using the platform with more intention and creativity. Without question, my photos are stronger, my presence is more purposeful and I have fallen more in love with Instagram because of her. You must take this class! "

-Jessica Turner

I jumped at the chance to learn Myquillyn's secrets. I've been drooling over her account @thenester for years, and I love the way she entertains AND educates with her swoony feed. Myquillyn knows her stuff, consistently puts out top-notch content, and is allergic to wasting people's time, so I knew I was in good hands with this course. 

-Anne Bogel

This course is for you if... have something you believe in that you want to share with as many people as possible.

Here's what is included in the InstaValuable course:

1. The Foundation Video

In this 45 minute video you will learn the seven keys of the Perfect Instagram Post including:

  • purposeful
  • visual
  • branded
  • engaging
  • shareable
  • curated
  • doorway

2. Seven Online Video Modules

We've got you covered! Myquillyn goes into depth on each of the seven keys in InstaValuable. You'll learn her best practices for creating engaging content and putting in place a plan to grow your Instagram following.

Ready invest in your Instagram success?

introducing the InstaValuable Advanced Bundle

includes the InstaValuble Online Course plus these mini courses...

link in profile

still life from above

instagram ads

the bundle also includes these in depth training videos

Two options to choose from:

InstaValuable Online Course


  • Foundation Training
  • Seven Video Modules



InstaValuable Advanced Bundle


  • Foundation Training
  • Seven Video Modules


  • Still Life Mini Course
  • Link In Profile Training
  • Instagram Ads Training
  • InstaBasics
  • Instaffiliates 

Best Deal


Try it risk free for 30 Days with our "tried and applied" guarantee.

We can't wait to see you

inside the course!

-Myquillyn and Brian

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